Tuft & Needle MINT Mattress Review by GoodBed.com

GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress, the higher-end follow-up to the company’s flagship T&N mattress…

Also see our written report on the T&N Mint mattress, which includes our detailed GoodBed ratings and our complete assessment of who would be best suited for this mattress: https://www.goodbed.com/reviews/tuft-and-needle-mint-mattress-review/

UPDATE (Aug 2019): Prices have dropped significantly since the Mint was first released. A queen sized bed now costs $895, about $300 less than at first.

To see whether the Mint mattress is a good match for you, use this link to take the Match Quiz on GoodBed.com:
https://www.goodbed.com/mattress-finder/quiz/?product=mod+tuft-needle-mint (your Match Score for this mattress will be shown at the top of your quiz results)

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To see unbiased ratings from owners of Tuft & Needle Mint mattresses, click here: https://www.goodbed.com/mattress-model/tuft-needle-mint/

Skip to the information that interests you most by clicking on the times in the chapter headings below.

Time Chapter
0:05 Introduction
0:30 Softness
1:14 Materials & Construction
3:43 Back Support & Pressure Relief
8:20 Responsiveness
10:26 Cushioning Depth
11:05 Motion Isolation
12:03 Repositioning
12:29 Edge Support
13:25 Temperature
15:15 Natural Materials & Certifications
18:05 Adjustable Base Compatibility
20:28 Unboxing
22:24 Delivery, Returns, and Warranty
24:12 Price & Value
27:21 Summary

Also check out our full review of the original Tuft & Needle Mattress here: https://www.goodbed.com/reviews/tuft-and-needle-mattress-review/

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