Leesa Mattress Review by GoodBed.com

GoodBed’s in-depth review of the updated Leesa mattress that was revised for the 2020 model year…

Leesa has updated its flagship mattress starting in late 2019, with significant changes in materials and how this mattress feels compared to the 2017/2018 version–which we have also reviewed in this video: https://youtu.be/1CuaP7z8TlA

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Click on the times in the chapter headings below to jump to the sections of this video that interest you most.

Time Chapter
0:04 Introduction
0:30 Comfort and Softness
1:43 Materials & Construction
5:15 Back Support and Pressure Relief
10:49 Responsiveness
13:14 Cushioning Depth
14:08 Motion Isolation
16:02 Ease of Repositioning
16:29 Edge Support
17:48 Temperature
19:38 Natural Materials and Certifications
20:17 Adjustable Base Compatibility
22:47 Unboxing
24:26 Delivery and Returns
26:53 Price and Value
30:33 Summary
31:41 Final Thoughts

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