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GoodBed’s in-depth side by side reviews of the Brentwood Home Cedar and Oceano, two of the company’s most popular mattresses.

Also see our written reports on these mattresses, which include our GoodBed ratings for their support and features, along with who we think would be best suited to these beds:
Brentwood Home Cedar:
Brentwood Home Oceano:

The Oceano bed is a memory foam mattress with two layers of pocketed coils, while the Cedar is a more natural mattress that uses 100% natural latex instead of memory foam and micro-coils in the comfort layer.

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Time Chapter
0:05 Introduction
0:30 Softness
1:14 Materials & Construction
7:48 Back Support & Pressure Relief
17:27 Responsiveness
20:46 Cushioning Depth
22:05 Motion Isolation
23:31 Repositioning
24:19 Edge Support
26:20 Temperature
30:10 Natural Materials & Certifications
33:54 Unboxing
37:23 Delivery, Returns, and Warranty
40:39 Price & Value
44:56 Summary
49:56 Final Thoughts

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