Beautyrest Silver Mattresses (2021) EXPLAINED by

GoodBed’s ‘plain English’ explanation of the Beautyrest Silver line of mattresses for 2020-2021…

Also see our written coverage of the Silver mattresses, including photos and an explanation of the differences between models.

There are 13 total models in the Silver line, which are separated into two levels. The 5 models in the upper level are designated by a “C” at the end of the model number, indicating that they include a cooling cover.

All share the same pocketed coil unit, but differ by softness/feel, and cushioning depth.

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2:05 Shared Features
3:30 BRS900
5:11 BRS900-C

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Note: This video is not a review. It is intended to provide an independent overview of Beautyrest’s available Silver mattresses.

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